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My SVG experiments.

This a Before and After of a pen and ink image. The one on the left is a scanned original. The one on the right has is an optimized SVG. The original has more detail but because it's a JPG and scaled to three times it's original size it pixelates and blurs. The rendering on the right, since it's an SVG image will scale to any size and remain crisp but it hasn't all the detail as the original. The rendering process makes polygons of all the strokes. The problem is the ink bleeds onto the paper. If I capture that amount of detail I get an enormous file size that's too large to process and optimize. So to save file size you sacrifice some detail and reduce the number of polygons.

But wait that's not all. The cool thing is they're all accessible. I can edit each one. Either reshape, smooth,scale, rotate, copy, paste, envelope, colorize, each minute shape.

Before and After

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